About Signature Fundraising


As one of the premier fundraising companies in the United States, Signature Fundraising has developed a strong reputation as being an expert in the fundraising world. With over 30 years of experience in fundraising, we know exactly how to take your fundraiser ideas and turn them into not just a reality, but into an exciting adventure that will yield fantastic results! Signature Chocolates, our exclusive premier brand uses only the finest ingredients and our Chocolate bar line is both 100% Certified Peanut Free and gluten free. We have representatives and distribution centers Nationwide for quick service to your group. Signature Chocolates is the answer for simple and hassle free fundraising that will achieve your goals and make it easy for you and your group.


We stand out on five specific points, to achieve our mission and reach our goals of excellence and productivity.

  •  The personalized attention of our customer service.
  • Our ability to execute a great Fundraiser for your group.
  • Reliability and consistency.
  • Continually bringing new combinations and products to the market.
  • Bigger Bar, Bigger Taste and Better Value


We are dedicated to providing your group the best product and a fair value.  We are dedicated to providing you the best service and a smooth hassle-free fundraiser.