$2 Chocolate Collection

$2 Premium Chocolate Bars

$2 Premium Chocolate Bars Variety Carrier

Our Signature Chocolates Gourmet $2 Chocolate bar provides your fundraiser with extra – extra chocolate in a bigger bar and extra profits! Available in five rich flavors, these bars are also Certified Peanut free, Gluten free, and Kosher! Each bar is 2.85 ounces which means an even bigger bar with an even better bigger taste.

peanut free

Each carrier includes the following 2.85 oz bars:

• 10 Caramel Milk Chocolate Bars
• 8 Almond Milk Chocolate Bars
• 6 Crisp Rice Milk Chocolate Bars
• 3 Milk Chocolate Bars
• 3 Dark Chocolate bars

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#2 Premium Collection

$2 Premium Gourmet Chocolates Collection

Our Premium Gourmet collection offers more chocolate treats with our best-selling Chocolate Bars. Chocolate Covered Almonds, creamy Caramel Mini Bites, Mint Mini Bites combined with $2 Almond, Caramel, and Rice Chocolate bars, this carrier pack is our #1 best-selling line. Bonus – Certified Peanut Free, Gluten Free and Kosher.

Each carrier includes the following:peanut free
• 7  Chocolate Caramel Bars
• 5  Chocolate Almond Bars
• 5 Crisp Rice Chocolate Bars
• 9 Boxes of Chocolate Covered Almonds
• 2 Boxes of Chocolate Covered Mint Mini Bites
• 2 Boxes of Chocolate Covered Caramel Mini Bites

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Chocolate Covered Almonds

$2 Chocolate Covered Almonds Carrier

Our chocolate covered almonds are so addictive it’s hard to stop. We’ve packed them in a 2.25 oz box so they are the pefect sized snack. We slow roast the almonds, then cover them with dreamy rich milk chocolate.  Always a crowd pleaser and at only $2 a box, a fantastic value that will add profits to your next fundraiser. 

Each carrier includes:
• 30 Boxes – each 2.25 oz

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$2 Pecan Caramel Clusters Gigglejigs™ Carrier

Signature Chocolates GiggleJigs have 4 clusters of pecans and caramel giggling in milk chocolate and it’s $2 price is sure to bring a smile to your face. GiggleJigs are a gluten free and kosher snack.

Each carrier includes the following 1.3 oz bars:
• 30 bars of 4 clusters

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