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Signature Chocolates Mini-Bites

These mini bites are 5.02 ounces of individually wrapped decadence and are Certified 100% Peanut Free. These delicious treats are only available in our Brochure Programs. Your representative can help you choose which Signature Fundraising Program best suits your fundraising goals.

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Caramel Mini Bites

 Milk Chocolate
Caramel Mini-Bites

Individually wrapped milk chocolates with creamy caramel centers.

Raspberry Mini Bites

Dark Chocolate
Raspberry Mini-Bites 

Individually wrapped dark chocolates. 73% cocoa with gooey raspberry center.

Milk Chocolate Mint Mini Bites

 Milk Chocolate
Mint Mini-Bites

The fresh, zing of mint busts with these individually wrapped milk chocolates with mint.

Sea Salt Mini Bites

Milk Chocolate with
Sea Salt Mini-Bites

Our decadent Belgium recipe for these mini bites include rich milk chocolates with tangy sea salt.

Signature Chocolates Chocolate Covered Nuts and Fruits

These bags of chocolate covered treats are explosions of flavor. Our perfect blend of Milk or Dark Chocolates cover raisins, almonds, cashews, cranberries and even coffee beans for creative delicious fundraisers.

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Milk Chocolate and Coconut Covered Almonds

 Dark Chocolate Cocunut Almonds

Roasted almonds and coconut covered in dark, decadent chocolate. 

Chocolate covered Raisins

Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins

A favorite chocolate treat – sweet, chewy raisins covered in dreamy milk chocolate. 

Chocolate Covered Cashews

 Milk Chocolate Cashews

Roasted jumbo cashews are surrounded with decadent milk chocolate. 

Chocolate Covered Almonds

Milk Chocolate Almonds

A crowd favorite. Slow roasted almonds embraced with creamy milk chocolate make a satifisfying snack!

Dark Chocolate Almonds

 Dark Chocolate Almonds

A heavenly mix between fine nuts and dark chocolate create a succulent snack that is simply exquisite. 

Dark Chocolate Coconut Almonds

Dark Chocolate Coconut Almonds

Dark chocolate, coconut and nutty almonds combine to make an exotic melt-in-your mouth snack.

Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

 Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

Coffee beans and dark chocolate mix to create the perfect snack for coffee lovers. 

Dark Chocolate CranberriesDark Chocolate Cranberries 

Tart cranberries combined with delicious dark chocolate create a double antioxidant punch.



Katydids Candy, an American favorite since 1955. The packaging may have changed, but the buttery caramel, fancy pecans and pure milk chocolate combine for a taste that’s a classic. Like a classic Packard, Katydids bring back memories with just a taste. Or make new ones with new generations of candy lovers.

These tins are a favorite by fundraising organizations like schools, churches, clubs and teams because they simply sell themselves.  Packed in 8oz tins, they are sealed for freshness for every luxurious bite.

Katydids® are available as in-hand product in full cases (12 canisters per case) or as a brochure program.  Your Signature Representative can help you decide which program is best for your organization.

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Signature Sweet Indulgences

These morsels of goodness are wrapped in luxurious milk chocolate. Only available through our brochure programs, but ready for your next fundraiser!

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Cookie Dough Dots

 Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough Dots

The ultimate combination! Creamy edible cookie chocolate chip cookie dough covered in milk chocolate.  Oh my…. 6 0z box

Caramel Sea Salt

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Rich chewy caramel morsels wrapped in glorious dark chocolate then topped with just the right touch of salt sprinkle for a heavenly snack.  6 oz box

Coconut Dreams

 Dark Chocolate Tropical Coconut Dreams

When you bite into this treat your taste buds transport you to a tropical paradise! The finest cocunut combined with smooth dark chocolate.  6 oz box.

Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples

The taste of a fall tradition in a delicious chocolate bite.  Sculpted milk chocolate apples give way to soft caramel center. 7 oz box

Peanut Butter Bears

 Trinkets® Peanut Butter Bears

Intricately crafted milk chocolate bears are bursting with smooth butter cream filling. Almost too cute to eat. 6.5 oz box

frog fudgies

Frog Fudgies

Whimsically sculpted frogs are filled with cool mint fudge. A fun and frosty combination! 6 oz box

Cashew backs


Fresh cashew pieces covered in caramel and milk chocolate. Tiny indulgences to tempt  your taste buds! 7 oz box

As one of the largest fundraising companies in the United States, Signature Fundraising has developed a strong reputation as being an expert in the fundraising world.

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