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Who We Are

Signature Fundraising has been among the premier fundraising companies in the United States since 1990. We have developed a strong reputation for successful fundraisers with great-tasting, high-value chocolates, candy and popcorn people buy and profits organizations love.

Products You Love

Signature Chocolates®, our exclusive premier brand, uses only the finest ingredients for melt-in-your mouth deliciousness. Our $1 and $2 Chocolate Bar lines are both 100% Certified Peanut-free and Gluten free.

We listened to our customers and continually add new products like Signature Gummy Bears, Signature Pop-A-Licious™ Popcorn, Cables® Licorice, Super Sour Powers® Hard Candy, Homemade Gourmet®, GiggleJigs™, and Katydids®. We have many more seasonal products in our Brochure Programs.

Signature Fundraising Products
Experience You Can Trust

Experience You Can Trust

With over 30 years of experience in fundraising, we are known and respected as experts in the industry.  We know exactly how to take your fundraiser ideas and turn them into not just a reality, but into an exciting adventure that yields fantastic results!

We have representatives and distribution centers throughout the United States to provide you with fast delivery, quick personalized service for your group.

Whether you choose traditional in-hand product program or a brochure program, our knowledgeable team will be there to help you each step of the way. 

Signature Chocolates is the answer for simple and hassle-free fundraising that will help you achieve your goals, while making it fun and easy for your group!

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