When you taste a delicious Signature chocolate, you know it’s REAL chocolate!
Our products are entirely made with exclusive recipes using only fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

Certified Peanut Free

 100% Peanut-Free

Many of our products are 100% peanut-free.  Make sure and check out all of our great Peanut Free offerings.

Certified Peanut Free

 Safety Quality Food (SQF)

Signature Chocolates product is manufactured in a SQF Manufacturing facility. The Safety Quality Food (SQF) Program is the most highly-recognized certification in North America for food quality and safety, which ensures that our quality control systems meet strict international regulations. Full traceability of our products and consistent high quality are important features guaranteed by the SQF program.

Kosher Logos


Our Signature Chocolate Bars, Mini Bites, $2 Chocolate Covered Almonds and several of our chocolates available in our brochures are Kosher.

Gummy Bears and Popcorn are not Kosher 

Please call toll free for more details.

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