Fundraising 101

Super Tips for a Superior Fundraiser

With over 30 years in the fundraising industry, Signature Fundraising helped thousands of schools and organizations create profitable, fun fundraisers.  Our team of experienced representatives act as your sidekick to make you a super fundraising hero.  

Determine your fundraising goal

Whether you’re raising money for a school program, youth group, or club, determine your goal amount and how the money will be used. This will keep you on track and motivate your sales!

Choose a fundraising start date

Make sure your fundraiser does not fall during busy times like holidays. Choose a date where most members of your community will be available. Keep in mind that most fundraising events usually last two weeks.

Estimate the number of sellers

Knowing how many people will be participating will allow you to give each seller a goal, and it will allow us to recommend which product will work best for your mission.

Assign a group and finance leader

Designating one or two people to oversee the program and finances will help your team communication to run smoothly.

Choose Products

Our specialists will gather information about your fundraiser and recommend the best products for your cause.

Gather and distribute information

  • Go over fundraising and safety tips with children and parents.
  • Collect phone numbers and names from your group.
  • Share the date by which all money needs to be turned in.
  • Get your participants excited about the delicious products they get to sell!

Promote your event

  • Utilize social media to advertise your event.
  • Seek community options, like HOA news letters, coffee shop billboard, church bulletins and local newspapers to advertise your fundraiser in their communications.
  • Encourage your seller’s to email family and friends
  • Ask local high-traffic stores to allow you to set-up a table at an entrance.

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