High-Resolution Brochures, Flyers and Order Takers

Please note: These are large files and may take a few moments to fully view the files in the gallery.  Please be patient. High resolution files are for commercial printing and should not be used for emailing. Please use Low-Res files for emails. 

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  1. File Viewing: To view a file, simply click on the gallery image.  A gallery will open and the file will be shown within the gallery.
  2.  File Download: There are 3 options to download files.
    1. Individual downloads – Simply click on the image to view the file or hove over the image. Click on the 3 vertical dot menu located in he lower right hand corner. Choose Download file.
    2. Multiple File downloads – Click the 3 dot menu in the gold menu bar above the gallery. Choose “Download All” to download the entire folder in a single zip file. Alternatively, Deselect “Select All” and then UNCHECK the files you do NOT wish to download. Return to the 3 dot menu icon and select “Download Selected.”
  3. File Sharing: You can share files with your creative team members/partners by hovering over any 3 dot menu and click the share icon. Then choose your preferred method of sharing.

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